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August 13, 2021 at WHCC – The “Decorate Saxon the Suffrage Cat” Contest was a great success this year. We added adults to the list of qualified entrants, and the creativity sure came out! We gathered to award cash prizes to the winners, and a 5+ foot cat tree for Best in Show! Enjoy the photos and see “IN THE NEWS” on this site to view the press release!!

Charlie Baird took 1st place in the 0-6 age-group for her cat entry. Kasia Marler took 1st place in the 9-12 age-group for her cat entry. Patty & Jessica Crain took 1st place in the adult age-group for their cat entry. Dee Love took 1st place in the adult age-group for her essay entry, and Janice Ridondo and Rei Romney both received honorable mention prizes for their cat entries. All the entries were superb this year, really showcasing how much talent is in this town! Look forward to the entries next year!!

August 10, 2021 WHCC (Jean, Carol & Rosealee) appeared at City Council to present the beneficiaries of the Women’s History and Culture Center 2022 Preen Your Pet Calendar Contest/Fundraiser their donations. These donations were a result of the registrations of all the pets in the contest and the votes that came in throughout the month of June. Three local businesses provided access to the voting boxes in their businesses and we’re so grateful for them~ Danielle’s Chocolates & Popcorn, The UPS Store on Pioneer and The Front Porch Flowers and Gifts.

Donations also came in the mail and all totaled over $3,000. Each beneficiary for this fundraiser, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, We Care for Animals and Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter EACH received a check for $1,015.66. We are so honored to be able to help with the wonderful care and love these animals receive in our community.

Our beautiful calendar will be on sale in the fall, at a cost of $10 each. Any residual monies raised after the cost of printing, after generous donations from the community who sponsored ads in the calendar, will be used to benefit the community in future initiatives. Please email us at to pre-order a calendar, or several. Thanks to everyone who supported this fun and worthy fundraiser. See you all next year!! Enjoy the photos from the City Council Meeting below:

Left – Joanne Migliozzi (Volunteer at Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter), Center – Joan Dunkle (Manager of the Scenic, AZ Satellite of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue), Right – Karen Taylor (President of We Care for Animals). Photo Credit – Jean Watkins
Left to Right, Carol Saldivar (President, WHCC), Jean Watkins (Founder/Board Chair, WHCC), Joanne Migliozzi (Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter), Joan Dunkle (Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue), Karen Taylor (We Care for Animals), Bunny Wiseman (Loyalty Service Dogs), Volunteers (black shirts) from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Kneeling – Nancy Bane (Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue) and PVDR Volunteer. Photo Credit – Rosealee Lee, who also attended. She is WHCC’s Director-At-Large (not shown)

As Promised, here are the photos of the Preen Your Pet Contest/Fundraiser, entries that have been emailed to us at

8-12-2021 Below you will find all the Descriptions of the pets that were entered in our Women’s History and Culture Center 2022 Preen Your Pet Contest/Fundraiser. These descriptions were provided by the owners that entered their beloved pets. (Not all entrants gave a description) Enjoy!

001 – Owner, Deb Parsley / Powder/Aussie ~ Powder has been my lifesaver. Born a couple of months before my husband passed, she took wonderful care of me while I grieved! She’s my owner!

002 – Owner, Deb Parsley / Gunner/Blue Tick Beagle Hound ~ Gunner we rescued from the local animal shelter as he was a “runner” and his previous owners couldn’t keep him in the yard. My yard was perfect. He basically adopted me because he is a cutie! I am very lucky with both (see #1, Powder)

003 – Owner, Patti Fizer / Misha/Italian Greyhound ~ Misha Fizer is a 14 year old Italian Greyhound we have had since she was a few months old. She is very smart, can do several tricks – sit, shake, bow, down, roll-over, etc. Doesn’t bark, super lovable. Loves to cover herself up with blankets and throws her blanket over her with her head. Follows us around the house – loves her walks. Hates to be heft home when we leave. The best a pet can be is all within her!

004 – Owner, Maryann Mercier, Bob Mercier / Sir Spotcelot/Egyptian Mau ~ Sir Spotcelot is a 10 yr. old purebred Egyptian Mau. He was born in Colorado and traveled with us to Mesquite in 2012. He knows tricks: sit, sit up, lay down & fetch! He loves his friend, Tiggy. DSH grey tabby.

007 – Owner, Jane Zuehlsdorff / Chester/Dog ~ Chester is deaf from birth and has been trained by our other dogs. He’s a little cuddle-bug.

008 – Owner, Jane Zuehlsdorff / Toby/Dog ~ Toby is a big, goofy, joy to own. He came to us at just the right time in our lives.

009 – Owner, Wennifer White / Joe/Boxer ~ Joe is silly, fast and loves to give slobbery kisses.

010 – Owner, Wennifer White / Layla/Boxer ~ Layla is soooo adorable and loves to snuggle!

011 – Owner, Shirley Schroeder / Edgar/Donkey ~ He is old and beautiful in his own way. He lives in Scenic at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue with Joan and other donkeys. I foster him.

012 – Owner, Bryan Baird / Stanley/Schnnodle ~ Adopted from We Care for Animals 5 years ago. He’s a great hunter like a terrier, but instead of catching his prey, he begs like a poodle.

013 – Owner, Bryan Baird / Ernie/Chihuahua/Terrier ~ Ernie was adopted through We Care for Animals. He is 2 years old and loves to play tug-of-war and cuddle.

014 – Owner, Anna Cossey / Barkley/Dog ~ A lovable furry kid. He never meets a stranger. If a garage door is open, he just knows someone in there wants to pet him. He is a rescue dog and we are so grateful to have found him.

016 – Owner Karen Dutkowski / Fibonacci/Red Point Siamese feline ~ Adopted just before COVID and enjoyed being at home. Likes to eat pretzels. Wants to be taken to the laundry room at bed-time. Loves to watch bats fly at twilight. He’s rather goofy.

018 – Owner Nancy Robillard / Casey/Dog ~ Casey is a wonderful happy boy.

020 – Owner, April Mitchell / Sasha/Cat ~ Sasha is queen of the house. She knows when it’s time for wet food and will yell at me.

021 – Owner, April Mitchell / Shadow/Cat ~ Shadow is a sweet boy who loves cuddles. He likes to hang out in the garage (because I won’t let him outside).

022 – Owner Michael Crawford / Hershey/Dog “Poodle” ~ Small, very sweet Poodle. He has me well trained.

023 – Owner, Connie Mastin / Annie/Miniature Schnauzer ~ We adopted Annie from the Mesquite Shelter, our 6th Anniversary was on Feb 23 so we named her Annie – her Dad says her last name is “versary.”

024 – Owner, Betty Leaskou / Zorro/Tuxedo Cat ~ He’s a puppy-cat. Very obedient! Loving-snuggly-loves his treats and is a people person.

025 – Owner, Stan Pappas / Retsina/DHS Cat ~ Loves having her tummy rubbed. She’s a Purrer and loves to make biscuits. She’s a talker – loves to give love licks.

028 – Owner, Carol Saldivar / Pretty Girl/Schnauzer ~ A cute rescue who brings boy to us every day. She spent the first three years of her life in a cage and was set free in March of 2013 when we rescued her. She has spent every day being spoiled and fussed over, and allowed to do whatever she wants (within reason). She has flourished and become a sweet happy family member who loves everyone and is the best snuggle buddy anyone could ask for. She barks with joy whenever we have a visitor, until they are seated…and then she just wants love from them.

029 – Owner, Rosealee Lee / Jazz/Chinese Crested Dog ~ Jazz is almost eight years old. She was a puppy mill breeder mommy and suffered much physical abuse in her first two years. During the six years we have been together, Jazz has achieved many training certifications and is now a therapy dog. She is happiest when she is snuggling next to a patient on their bed or on their lap in a wheelchair. She has natural empathy and knows instinctively who needs love. She recently helped to train her “puppy,” a newly adopted Chinese Crested puppy mill breeder mommy. Her gift to everyone who meets her is tenderness and affection.

030 – Owner, Rosealee Lee / Mulan/Chinese Crested Dog ~ Mulan is almost six years old. She was a puppy mill mommy breeder and spent the first five year of her life in a cage. Since her “gotcha” day, she has learned to love, play with her fur-sister that she thinks is her puppy, mell flowers and snuggle. This little Chinese Crested girl wants only to be a “big girl” and to be loved. And, since she discovered toys a few month ago, she wants all the puppy toys in the world.

031 – Owner, Rosealee Lee / Bella/Maine Coone Cat ~ Bella is queen of our home. She is 14 years old. She is a one-person cat who watches over her mama. Bella likes to “talk” and we often carry on conversations. Sadly, some of her language is inappropriate. Bella has asthma and tolerates an inhaler. I’m sticking with her as long as she wants to fight this insidious disease. She is a snuggler and loves kitty treats.

032 – Owner, Becky Roberts / Force/Mutt ~ “I am named after one of my mom’s favorite race car drivers: John Force, because we are both survivors! He survived a car crash, I survived 1) being abandoned and 2) puppy parvo! The nice vet saved my life and then my mom found me and brought me home, 9 years ago!

033 – Owner, Karen Sonnenberg / Avery Mae/Shi-Poo Terrier ~ Avery is full of pep and loves to get brushed.

034 – Owner, Karen Sonnenberg / Ivory Lee/Shi-Poo ~ Ivory Lee is Mae’s Sister.

035 – Owner, Becky Roberts / Jackson/House Cat ~ “I come from the streets of Chicago and I even have a record there; but don’t let that fool you. I’m a big lover boy. I’m 18 years old and doin’ great! My mom rescued my brother and me from the foster care system when we were “teenagers” and the only reason I got my ticket there is ’cause I got wrongfully accused of being a Raccoon when I got outside one day, and the neighbors called Animal Control.”

036 – Owner, Genny Reese / Luna-Bonita/House Cat ~ “I was back in the Mesquite Animal Shelter for the second time. I’m perfect so I don’t know why ~ probably because I was misunderstood…My Mom had a dream about my beautiful face, found me on-line, and had my forever home all ready for me before we even met. I’m a lot more petite than I look – I’m all fur! And my mom loves me and understands me purrfectly.”

037 – Owner, Jackie Spencer / Meko/Malta-Pom, dog ~ Meko is a Maltapom, a mix of Maltese and Pomeranian. He is seven years old. Meko is seriously the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He loves to give hugs. He will hop on your lap, nestle his head on your chest in the most loving way. Meko is a great traveler, companion and my best friend.

041 – Owner Leigh Roessner / Marge/Boston Terrier, dog ~ Marge is with us in memory. She was with us almost 14 years. Marge was a bit on the mischievous side and had a habit of escaping our yard. Everyone loved “Large March” and we miss her every day.

042 – Owner, Leigh Roessner / Kitty/Orange Tabby, cat ~ Kitty came to us from WCFA. She is a hunter through & through. Over the 4 years we’ve had her, she has brought us tons of presents, such as mice, birds, lizards, a scorpion and a bat! We love her!

043 – Owner, Leigh Roessner / Wilma/Thai Ridgeback mix, dog ~ Wilma joined our family just over 2 months ago. She came to us from Best Friends in Utah. Before that she was in a shelter in Texas and was sent to Best Friends after the storms earlier this year. She is very excited all the time and loves to jump and play. She is about 1 year old.

044 – Owner, Chelsea Inman / Charlie/English bulldog, lab mix~ Charlie is a 4 year old pup and we adopted her when she was 3 months old. She is very cuddly, loves our two boys and lets them crawl on her and love her. She loves to play ball, run around, and eat.

045 – Owner, Chelsea Inman / Mowgli/Chocolate Lab/dog ~ Mowgli is our 3 year old pup. She is the biggest sweetheart. She loves to lay in the sun. She isn’t a big cuddler. She lets the boys love on her to a point and then moves away. We have had Mowgli since she was a year old and have loved adding her to our family. She loves to run, play ball, and eat.

056 – Owner, Betty King / Grace/cat ~ Grace (a tuxedo) was with me for 13 years. She was elegant and refined. She loved to eat Cheetos for a treat and lie on my chest. She was 3 years old when I rescued her, and she truly lived up to her name. I sadly had to let her go on Oct. 13, 2020.

057 – Owner, Betty King / Shiva/cat ~ Shiva was living under a building at Wolf Creek Golf Course. I began feeding her morning and night and it became clear she wanted to come home with me. Her name means “kind and beautiful.” She fully lives up to her name. Her sweet and loving temperament is a joy to be around.

066 – Owner, Anne Marie Butler (LJ & Brooke) / Monkey/cat ~ “Monkey” found her home with LJ (my sister fro Wisconsin Woods) and niece, Brooke.

069 – Owner, Anne Marie Butler (LJ & Brooke) / Dembe & Nugget/black & calico kittens ~ New kittens – New loves for my sister and niece. Minnesota Born – Wisconsin Adopted.

067-068 & 070 – Owner, Anne Marie Butler (& Tom Mullen) / Pearl Jade/green eyed cat ~ Beloved Pearl Jade, companion for 13 years. Okay-you can come in the house, but only in the bathroom. (Paw under door). Okay, you can have the house, but not our bedroom. (Paw under door). Okay, sleep with us at the bottom of the bed. (Both paws on the pillow!!!) Pearl Jade just had a tooth extracted. Black stray adult cat, Pearl Jade adopted us. When Colorado snows came, she had already been sleeping on our sunny front deck. 13 years of companionship, we treasure, looking back.

071 – Owner, Jean Hubbard / Kayden/Scotttie (dog) ~ 1.5 y.o. male Scottish Terrier. He lives in Mesquite, NV in winter and Powell, WY in the summer. His favorite things to do are play ball and chase his friend, “Squirrel” (a real squirrel) around the backyard.

072 – Owner, Laurie Bronowicz / Dude/ 1/2 Siamese, 1/2 tuxedo ~Dude is personality! Funny, crazy, and loves to be loved.

073 – Owner, Bunny Wiseman / Toby/Labra-Doodle ~ This is a dog from “Loyalty Service Dogs.” He is being trained to be a service dog in a “furever” home somewhere in the country.

MAY 15, 2021 The “Preen Your Pet Contest/Fundraiser Kick-Off” Event at Women’s History and Culture Center was a fun and successful event! Bo & Pepper, the Mini-Donkeys from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Scenic, AZ were the stars of the show. So were the Mesquite Showgirls, who were on hand to help people register for the Contest, and offer Smiles and Cold Water. We Care for Animals and Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter also had representatives on hand. These are two of the three beneficiaries of the fundraiser for our 2022 Women’s History and Culture Center Preen Your Pet Calendar, the third being Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue! We Care for Animals and Friends of Mesquite Animal Shelter are happy to report that there are currently no animals in need of adoption!! But, that can change!

Be sure to visit UPS on Pioneer, Danielle’s Chocolates & Popcorn, or The Front Porch Flowers & Gifts to submit your $1 votes (as many as you like) for your favorite pet! Photos will be posted here on June 1 when registration ends, LET THE VOTING BEGIN!! ENTER THE PET ENTRY # ON THE ENVELOPES PROVIDED AT THE BUSINESSES ABOVE, AND EACH $1 IS ONE VOTE!! VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN!!!!

Photos from our May 8, 2021 “Tea and Crumpets” Event at Women’s History and Culture Center. Please enjoy the photos. It was a wonderful, warm, friendly event, infused with teas, treats, china, embroidered table clothes, and all things you’d expect at a fun informal tea party! Look forward to next year’s event, complete with Decorated Hat Contest!!! YES!!

Thurs, Apr 22 ~ Final transfer of last letters to our “Women’s Suffrage Centennial” Mural! Almost there! Many thanks to Annie Black, Jolene Averette, Ashley Oliver and of course the vision of our Founder, Jean Watkins! Also, thank you to Nick Montoya and his crew for all the wonderful prep they did to make it paint ready! And last, but not least, Mesquite City Council and the City of Mesquite! Tonight we got to meet Ashley’s sister, Amanda and give an impromptu tour of our beautiful Center. Soon there will be a reveal of the finished ✅ mural! ( if you wonder about the dead grass, it’s in preparation for xeriscape )

October 1, 2020 The progress on our mural continues. It’s a duplicate of the 100 year Women’s Suffrage license plate, commemorating women’s right to vote!
Thanks so much, Annie Black for including us in further beautifying Mesquite! Also pictured here are Jolene Averett, Ashley Oliver, The Progress reporter, Amy Davis, and Carol Xue Burke Saldivar and last but never least….Jean Watkins, Founder and President of the Women’s History and Culture Center.

Christmas came early (IN JULY!) for these kiddos at the Women’s History and Culture Center! They put in the effort and decorated their entries for the Saxon Suffrage Cat Art/Essay contest. Winners, ALL!!!
Thank you to our winners!!!!! Charlie, Holden, Dawson and Abygail for your beautiful decorated cat entries!
Holden’s “Mesquite Has Smart Women” essay was our winner!
Thanks to the Eureka Community Initiative for their generous donation of the wonderful Cook Books for the kids!
Cash prizes provided by Women’s History and Culture Center
Thanks go out to the following contributors of our wonderful prizes awarded. Many thanks to Lisa Fahey for her tireless efforts contacting the businesses and procuring all of these prizes for our winners!
Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Black Bear Diner, Village Inn, Cracker Barrel, Costco, Dinosaur Discovery Site, Laser Mania, Red Robin, Game Stop and Cowboys & Indians – C&C Indian Art, Inc.
Hope you’ll join us next year with your creative entry! Visit Women’s History and Culture Center to learn more about all the wonderful things we have going on at our beautiful Center. Currently by appointment (classes and groups still meet at their scheduled times).

2-7-2020 We gathered at Mesquite City Hall to re-enact the signing of the ratification of 19th Amendment that took place in Carson City, NV on 2-7-1920, giving women the right to vote! Below find the photo which was taken in 1920, and a few with our gathered group from “then” and “now” getting ready for our photo for the local newspapers. The Mayor and Jean Watkins, our founder and President, said a few words before the “signing.” We had a reception at the Women’s History and Culture Center afterward, with light refreshments, and took a few candids there, as well. Thank you Mayor Al Litman for taking part in this momentous occasion, and Council Member, Sandra Ramaker for joining in, as well! All our guests were appreciated and it is our hope that everyone had fun!


12-21-2019 We hosted “Kris Kringle – The Gift of Christmas,” organized and put on for the public by Chris Finnegan and Lisa Fahey. There was music, songs, lights, coloring books, stories, baking cookies, making gingerbread houses and so much more. Many smiles and Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance! Santa listened to the kids’ Christmas wishes and entertained while they baked and participated in activities offered. All for FREE!! It was a day to remember for many!

A success for these Christmas Elves!!

12-20-2019 Was our Volunteer Meeting and Potluck. The theme was Gratitude, just like the Board Meeting. Some Board Members were in attendance and all enjoyed one another’s company and expressed things they are grateful for. Most of all, we’re grateful for ALL OF YOU!!

12-17-2019 Was our Board Meeting and Potluck. The theme was Gratitude. Much to be grateful for in 2019!

12-4-2019 Our Center, all dressed up for the holidays. Special Thanks to Chris Finnegan and Lisa Fahey for the time and attention they paid to making it very traditionally classic!! Love it! Jean and Carol stopped in for photos, of course!

12-7-2019 “Home for the Holidays” Community Christmas Village – Another great non-profit recognition event hosted by the Mesquite Community Initiative – which is, Gerri Chasko. A wonderful event giving non-profits the opportunity to raise funds needed to carry on their missions, as well as get the non-profits talking to one another. A percentage of meals sold during the buffet that night were donated to the attending charities. Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more December event photos!!

12-7-2019 “Down by the River” with hydrogeologist, Heidi Hadley. This time, she talked about how water plays an important role in the landscape. It was another fun learning experience. We hope we can get her to do repeats of these fabulous field trips. Heidi hopes to incorporate some of her expertise into the CCSD agenda, to share with school-age students, along with eager community members.

12-3-2019 Wine and Cheese event at Eureka Season’s Lounge, honoring Non-Profits in Mesquite, and enjoying one another’s company. Thanks to Gerri Chasko and the Eureka Community Initiative for giving back like no other, and getting the non-profits together to mingle!!

“Women Supporting Women”

Linda Darling, volunteer at Women’s History and Culture Center, hosts a night at WHCC, filling purses with hygiene and toiletry items for domestic violence victims. These items (and purses or bags) can be dropped off any time at the Center. It will find its way to Linda at Legal Shield for delivery to the Victim Advocates here in Mesquite.


Stratigraphy & Art! 11-16-19 What a fun Day with renowned hydrogeologist, Heidi Hadley!

She delivered all that she promised, and much more! We saw things we may drive by every day in a whole new light! She is knowledgeable, fun, and so excited about sharing her gifts with others. Hope you’ll look for upcoming events she hosts, starting at the Women’s History & Culture Center, and then hitting spots around our wonderful City of Mesquite, to tell us about the landscape, the outcroppings, how they were formed, and how they have changed with time, weather and human influences.

NOVEMBER 9, 2019, Kati and Corbin paid WHCC a visit to tour and settle on another potential meeting place for the Mesquite Stitchers. They now have a safe, comfortable, beautiful place to host crochet and craft events. Corbin gathered all our flowers and posed for a photo.

Veteran’s Day Parade, 11-2-2019


Virgin Valley Heritage Museum’s Director, Elspeth Kuta, gives periodic talks at the Women’s History and Culture Center and in the future, the Mesquite Public Library. Her talks are engaging and very informative. Her last one on October 17, 2019, featured Emma Chloe Gardener Abbott (1877 – 1963) and Sarah Ann Burgess Hughes (1864 – 1947). They are early settlers of our own Virgin Valley, and specifically Mesquite. Keep an eye on our Calendar for upcoming dates, times and place for her next series of talks!! Enjoy a few photos from these talks.

Thursday, October 11, 2019, The Women’s History and Culture Center celebrated our One Year Birthday. Here are some photos from our fun and insightful Birthday Celebration. The table discussion, over cake and ice cream, was all about the memories!! See our “History” tab for more on the History of the making of our beautifully appointed space for women to gather, grow and learn!


Flyer for our People’s Walk on September 26, 2019 Photos below from the Event
Teri and Sandra – Getting the T-Shirts ordered for our Commemorative “People’s Walk”
A few photos from Mesquite Chamber of Commerce’s Luncheon on 9.11.19 at Cucina Italiana – In honor of those touched by 9/11
The Outside Wall of our Building. Created by artist Raquel Rae Gallas
Some visitors, dignitaries and special guests during our Ribbon Cutting, October 2018
Jean peruses a book at the Mesquite Library
A peek at our current display at the Mesquite Library, honoring Nevada as the first State to have a female majority legislature, showing until October 6. 2019
Artist Raquel Rae Gallas draws the “paint by number” mural for the community to come out for Councilwoman Annie Black’s Service Saturday, and participate in this great beautification of Mesquite, NV.
Girl Scout Troop #27, posing with Jean in front of their badge project, the beautiful decal wall for our Tea Room.
Kim Burgon and Carol Saldivar in the Green Room before our duet in the Variety Show fundraiser on June 15, 2019. It was such a fun day and all the performers were so talented and entertaining!!
B.J. Adams, Variety Show performer 2019
Bunny Wiseman, Our esteemed Stage Hand!!
Claudia Peterson, performer for Variety Show 2019
Phil Nehrenz, Production Support!
Kim Burgon, performer, Variety Show 2019
Mary Paliganoff, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Bill Cunningham & Kim Burgon, Performers, Variety Show 2019
Carol Saldivar, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Braylan Morrow, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Grant Gunn, Performer, Variety Show 2019
Teri Nehrenz, Director and Producer of our Variety Show and Lisa Fahey, Volunteer, collaborating on the show details. Variety Show 2019
Flyer for our Fundraiser!
Jim Parsons, Performer, Variety Show 2019
After party (Firecracker 1000 lip sync Contest, Eureka!!)
WHCC competes in the Lip Sync Contest!! (We didn’t win, but we sure had fun!!)
flyer for the lip sync contest
Flyer for the Community Mural Unveiling
The window in the Mural (side of our building at 225 N. Willow, Room 23, Mesquite, NV
Perusing the books on our reading/meeting room
Visitors try on a book or two
and checking calendar for what’s new!
A really fun Victorian Tea in September 2018
A friendly card game in our Tea Room
Teri Nehrenz checks out a book in our reading/meeting room
Service for the ladies
Everyone had a wonderful time breaking in the Tea Room in Victorian style
A nice suffrage pose, getting ready for 2020!!
Teri Nehrenz in her beautiful Victorian costume!
Non-Victorian sandals for the outfit!
Mark Guertin as our Butler and Tea Server!
Our gathering/meeting room, accommodates up to 25 people
A little office work
Tea Room and kitchen area
Tidying up in the Tea/Media Room

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