Meet Our Board

Jean Watkins, Founder/Board Chair

Jean has held varied positions in several fields before and after retirement. 
 The common thread has been empowering women, starting in the 1960s, when she was the first woman to be promoted into an engineering position in a major corporation, breaking many barriers and paving the way for other women to achieve their dreams.
 In Mesquite, Jean set up the Ms. Senior Mesquite Pageant, the Mesquite Showgirls and the Women’s History and Culture Center, each with a different mission and each appealing to a different demographic of women; but all three set up to empower women to do things that are good for themselves and good for the community.
 Jean runs a scholarship program for members of her extended family here and in England and supports a program in Texas to break the cycle of incarcerating women by empowering them to get jobs and become independent when they get out of prison.
 She believes the first step in empowering others is to empower yourself, and makes each day more valuable by learning from the people she meets, the courses she takes, reading books at the Center, and doing independent research. 
 Most important to Jean is to be a good role model for her granddaughters on what is possible if you love the person you are meant to be, and share that love with your family and your community. The greatest impact she can have on the younger generation is to set a good example.

 Mesquite is part of Jean’s heart and she is very proud to call the people she has met here her friends. She thanks the women and men who volunteer and support the Women’s History and Culture Center for turning one person’s dream into a reality for an entire community.

Carol S. Saldivar, President
I am originally from Detroit, MI and left there in 1981 to join the US Air Force. When I was honorably discharged in 1985, I moved to Layton, UT, and lived in several cities near there for 32 years.

My husband of almost 24 years and I have a son, a daughter, and 4 beautiful granddaughters. Can’t forget our 3rd little rescue Schnauzer, Pretty Girl.

I enjoyed a 25 year career as a Corrections Sergeant for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office. We purchased a home here in Mesquite in 2016 and moved here full time in May of 2017. We hit the ground running and I have volunteered at Mesquite Works and currently serve as Secretary and volunteer at the Mesquite Veterans Center, where I was fortunate to meet Jean Watkins.
I have been volunteering at the WHCC since July of 2018 and find it to be most rewarding in so many ways. I currently volunteer and serve on the Board as President. 

I believe in the vision of uplifting and empowering women, young and young at heart ❤, and the quest to keep many great women in history’s awe-inspiring accomplishments alive. Life Outlook: Gotta laugh every day! Treat people kindly, no matter what they can or cannot do for you!

Reenie McFarland, Secretary

My husband and I moved to Mesquite in February 2018 and one of the first people I met was Jean Watkins. She was speaking about the Showgirls and took me to see the Women’s Center, which was in its infancy. I have been so impressed with what has grown from her vision that I wanted to help in some way. The Secretary position allows me the opportunity to volunteer and provide a service for this amazing organization. I appreciate all the wonderful people who have worked to make this center a reality!

Mike Saldivar, Treasurer

My name is Mike Saldivar I was born and raised in Utah. I have lived in Mesquite full time since April of 2017. I have been employed by the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, TAC Air and the Utah Department of Corrections.
I have been married to my wife Carol for 24 years. I love spending time with all of my family. I enjoy bowling, swimming and riding my motorcycle.  
My grandma was a volunteer and passed down the joy of volunteerism to me. I enjoy serving as the Treasurer for the Women’s History and Culture Center.

Rosealee Lee, Director-at-Large

Rosealee Lee has a history of inspiring strategic developmental change. She honed her leadership skills by more than three decades of international service to for-, non-profit, and public organizations and building corporations she founded. She has served on many national and international boards.  Rosealee retired in 2019 as a college faculty member and founder/coordinator of a generational poverty training program. She moved to Mesquite in 2017 because she loves the people here, the “feel” of the community, and the views take her breath away. Rosealee remains an entrepreneur in spirit and practice by accepting occasional consulting and motivational speaking assignments. She believes fiercely in every individual’s right to follow their passions by using their authentic talents to create their success path. 

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